Who's Norman

WalterNorman is a very special calf, and he knows it. He prefers to curl up under the picnic table with the ranch staff rather than act like one of the herd, and this is precisely where he should be. Norman is the permanent mascot of Jurassic Kahili Ranch. How he came to have this honor is a story worth telling. On a sunny afternoon in late July of 2003, two friends decided to ride their motorcycles around the ranch. Andrew Kortschak and Robby Farias came across an abandoned calf at about two in the afternoon. Norman appeared to have been born in the last 24 hours and needed to be bottle-fed a special formula to boost his immune system. Everyone took part in the job, and Norman considers this special attention so natural that there is no going back. His outgoing and loving personality enables everyone to treat Norman like a pet, and that is just fine with him. Why the name Norman? A nod to the calf in City Slickers.

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