Cattle and Ranch Information

Our RanchJurassic Kahili Ranch on the north shore of Kaua`i is one of the largest working cattle ranches on the island, encompassing approximately 2,800 acres and over 200 head of cattle. JKR's rolling pastures, streams, and ponds make the ranch an ideal place to develop a 100% grass-fed beef supply, free of antibiotics and synthetic hormones. JKR's approach is to focus on superior genetics and low-stress handling techniques to produce a healthy and disease-free cattle supply for Kaua`i.


As a Food Alliance certified producer, JKR is committed to sustainable agricultural and food handling practices, animal welfare, the environment and to continual improvement of practices over time. JKR is a member of the Hawai`i Cattle Producers Cooperative Association and participates in the Country Natural Beef program, selling natural beef to selected retailers on the mainland. In the future, JKR will also sells its natural beef product to local markets on Kaua`i in partnership with Princeville Ranch, as an All Natural, North Shore Kauai Beef product. For more information, please contact:

Randall Cremer, Ranch Foreman
Jurassic Kahili Ranch LLC

P.O. Box 739 Kilauea, Kaua`i, HI 96754
(650) 639-6503

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